Bringing a touch of elegance and clarity to your science

Got a Science Story to Tell?

Visual communication of science in a clear way is crucial to make an impact. Here is how I can help you :


Send me your research, abstract, hypothesis. Include any graphics in mind.


We set a call to discuss, brainstorm ideas.


I will design multiple illustrations as examples.


Editing and further improving the designs with feedback.


We finalise the illustration ready for publication!

Make Impact!



Journal Covers

Lu et al, Cell 2016
Green Chemistry Journal cover design scietific illustration
Rueda et al Nature 2019
Elsevier Methods cover design scientific illustration

in collab with

Elsevier Methods cover design scientific illustration
Elsevier Methods cover design scientific illustration
Science illustration genome topology plot

Journal Figures

Information Theory Infographic- Article Figure
Nature Journal: Article Figure
Haemophilia_Figure I_08Oct2017_v2.png
In review, Journal of Clinical Oncology
ESMO ProOncology Synthetic lethality


Infographic Probiotics Gut microbiome design science
Science illustration genome topology plot

Logos & other design

Science illustration genome topology plot
Nature Journal Genome Wouter de Laat Genome Topology Chromatin Epigenetics
H2020 grant application 2018


Yuva Oz
Design and science. My two big passions in life.. The dream goal was to combine them both in my career. Therefore I started to take projects during my PhD on scientific illustrations. I have two goals:
                   Helping people understand complex concepts in science through visuals
                  Helping scientific community  to clearly convey and emphasize the importance of their research.
                   *(At last, my secret goal is to make a prettier world!)




Contact me for your next design on your science!

Ask us for visual ideas, design logos and covers.

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